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The First

Valley Comfort’s new APEX-CBT, Catalytic indoor furnace is the first furnace to meet and exceed testing requirements of the rigid B415. test standard. The B415 test standard measures both overall efficiency as well as emissions. You’ll be impressed with the test results:

Average Efficiency 87.2%
Low Heat Value (LHV) 90.7%
Btu Output-High 47,996
Btu Output-Low 13,779
Emissions gr/hr 3.3

Actual Btu Output can be increased up to 80,000 Btu’s based on wood size, species of wood, moisture content, times between reloading, and draft. Valley Comfort recommends a flue draft of .05” of water column.

The Best
Features include:
  • Accepts Large 26” Logs or Fuel Length
  • Use As Stand Alone Furnace or in Combination With an Existing Furnace
  • Long Overnight Burns With Large 5.7 Cubic Foot Firebox
  • Catalytic Post Burn With Preheated Secondary Air
  • 12 Gauge Firebox With Cast Liner and Thermal Firebrick
  • 20 Gauge Insulated Cabinet
  • Wall Mounted Thermostat
  • Optional VB 1000 Blower

18 x 30 1/2" warm air plenum outlet

Five-year limited warranty on combustion chamber/heat exchanger

Convenient 6" rear flue pipe

Baked Enamel Finish

Adjustable secondary air is preheated by passage through door chamber and introduced high into firebox for better secondary burn Baked enamel finish

Alternate furnace may be positioned on either side of add-on

Foil backed insulated steel cabinet assures maximum control of heated air, reducing direct radiation

Combustion air regulated by wall thermostat and electric control system


Close 2" hot air plenum Clearance

CSA Approved fan/limit, electrical controls and interlock relay provides automatic switchover to alternate furnace while preventing overheating

Famous distributed draft Valley Comfort design firebox with stain less steel baffle for high efficiency, takes full 24" wood

Large 13"x12" firebox door for easy loading and cleanout

Long-lasting efficient cast iron firebox liners

948 cu. in. preheat chamber surrounds combustion area and low velocity here assures super-heated combustion air enters through four air ducts above firebed to provide maximum efficiency

· WH PN009 to CSA B366.1
· For use with the following furnaces
1) Oil - Input .81 to 1.2 USGPH
2) Gas - Maximum Output 120,000 Btu
3) Electric - 10KW to 25KW
Minimum alternate furnace fan capacity - 900CFM
· Fuel Door Opening: 13"x12"
· Firewood Length: 24" · Flue Pipe: 6"
· Interconnect Duct: 12"x18" minimum
· Warm Air Plenum: 18"x30 ½"
· Controls: All included, CSA approved
· Center of Flue Height: 26 ¾"
· Length: 35"
· Width: 21" · Height: 35"
· Weight: 325 pounds
Clearance To Combustibles:
· Warm Air Plenum & first six fet of duct: 2"
· One side: 8" · Front: 48" · Flue: 18"
· Counter Flow Kit
· Blower Assembly
· 80,000 BTU · 4 Cubic Foot Firebox
Limited Warranty:
· Five (5) years on combustion chamber/heat exchanger
· One (1) year on electrical controls

High Efficiency

As a leader in the wood-burning furnace industry in Canada we are proud to present our VC 120. The VC 120 brings the latest available technology right into your home. Wood heat has always been a comfortable, reliable source of home heat. Our main objective in developing the VC 120 was to advance the state of the art, keeping in step with new technology. Environmental concerns are now shared by most people on a global scale. You can address those concerns on a personal level by assuring maximum efficiency in your wood-burning system and methods. Energy efficiency goes hand in hand with environmental protection. To that end, the VC 120 was developed to answer these modern day concerns while providing old-fashioned comfort, reliability and economy. The VC 120 is a high output wood furnace designed for large homes and small commercial installations. Your Valley Comfort dealer will assist you in choosing the correct size furnace for your needs. This furnace has been approved to the latest code requirements and can be used as an add-on to electric, gas or oil furnaces; or as an independent wood furnace with a suitable blower system.
Wood only or add-on to Gas, Electric or Oil
When used in combination with an alternate fuel furnace, you get the security and convenience of a back-up system. A unique "power out" capability has been built into the VC 120. This means you have a source of heat even if the house power should fail. Under power-out conditions, the furnace output is limited because there is no distribution fan, but using gravity flow, you will be assured of emergency warmth all the time. Economical installation costs have also been considered. The 7" top vent flue size reduces overall costs, as does the close clearance approvals for the plenum and duct system. At Valley Comfort, we feel that economy is a long-term consideration. We refuse to cut corners that would comprise our overall product quality. Long-term economy is assured by this commitment to quality. Valley Comfort has been built on this commitment and that is one reason we have been leaders in the industry since 1953.


Approvals WH - CSA B366.1 M87

Clearance to combustibles:

  • Plenum 2"
  • First 6' of duct 2"
  • One side 8"
  • Opposite side 18"
  • Front 48"
  • Flue 18"


  • 3/16" Firebox
  • Cast Iron Side Plates
  • 3/16" Heat Exchanger
  • 20 Gauge Cabinet
  • Brick Baffles & Firebox Liners

Firebox design:

  1. Distributed primary preheated air.
  2. Post burn secondary preheated air.
  3. Brick baffle system.

Limited Warranty:

  • 5 years on combustion chamber
  • 1 year on electrical parts
Report # 6024


For use with the following installations: Minimum fan capacity all types 900 cfm

  1. Independent wood furnace
  2. Add-on to electric 15 kw. to 30 kw.
  3. Add-on to gas 80,000 to 140,000 btu.
  4. Add-on to oil .81 to 1.25 US
Rating 120,000 BTU nominal Fire door opening 15"x13"
Height 50.5" Firebox: Length 27"
Width 29.5" Width 17"
Length 37" Height 32"
Flue Collar 7" diameter Capacity 8.5 cu. ft
Weight 660 Ibs (shipping) Fuel length 25"
Flue pipe centre to rear 5.5" Recommended draft .04 water column
Hot air plenum opening 22.25"Lx26"W Controls: All included, CSA approved

(Not For Sale In British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and the USA)

How it works... Pre-heated secondary air is passed through to the top of the combustion chamber. This allows the unburned volatiles to ignite and greatly improves the efficiency of the heater. The combination of preheated primary air and preheated secondary air allows the heater to burn wood with greatly improved efficiency over wood burning heaters of old. The sensitive automatic thermostat allows you, at any time, to select the best temperature for your home comfort.

Safety...The Valley Comfort's air-supply is controlled by an automatic thermostat which is pre-set by the home-owner to provide the temperature level required. It automatically regulates the heat output - unlike the so-called heat regulators on most stoves. In case of a run-away fire it will shut off the air supply completely Reliability...Cast iron liners and metal parts made on precision dies all go towards a home heating system which lasts and lasts and lasts to give good reliable and trouble-free heating for the home?owner.
Convenience...Overnight burning time on one fill of 2' logs is usual with the Valley Comfort heater thanks to the special secondary combustion supply of preheated fresh air to burn wood gases. Efficiency...The unique patented 4-port air-supply system provides even burning of logs in the unit and the air convection system moves air around the house. Child-proof...Unlike radiant stoves, Valley Comfort heaters can be safe to a child's touch - an important feature when there are small children around.
Clearances . . .   HEATING CAPACITY 3 to 7 Rooms
Top 48" WIDTH 34 1/2"
Wood Charging End 48" DEPTH 22 1/4"
Opposite End 12" HEIGHT 35"
Rear 24" FLUE SIZE 6"
Flue Pipe18" FUEL DOOR 9 1/4 X 10 1/4"
Combustible floor must be protected with a minimum of 9/32" thick non-combustible material extending 6" beyond rear, front and left side of unit AND 18" beyond fire door. CAPACITY 4 3/4 cubic feet
400 cfm BLOWER optional

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